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CNYJO is an award-winning, all-star, regional “big band” made up of Central New York’s finest jazz musicians. Led by internationally acclaimed Music Director Bret Zvacek, CNYJO performs concerts that feature the world’s finest guest soloists.

Formed in 1996, CNYJO has made it possible for Syracuse to claim a national caliber, regional, not-for-profit jazz orchestra, one of a few cities that can claim this accomplishment.

CNYJO is the flagship program of the CNY Jazz Arts Foundation, whose mission is to sustain the art form of jazz by presenting, performing, and teaching jazz in a variety of public and scholastic settings.

CNYJO Personnel

  • Trombone and Music Director: Bret Zvacek
  • Alto Saxophone: Joe Carello
  • Alto Saxophone: John Delia
  • Tenor Saxophone: Mike Dubaniewicz
  • Tenor Saxophone: John Jeanneret
  • Baritone Saxophone: Frank Grosso
  • Trumpet: Pat Carney
  • Trumpet: Jeff Stockham
  • Trumpet: Rob Robson
  • Trumpet: Paul Merrill
  • Trombone: Bill Palange
  • Trombone: Melissa Gardiner
  • Trombone: Angelo Candela
  • Bass Trombone: Mark Anderson
  • Piano: Rick Montalbano (Associate Music Director)
  • Bass: Darryl Pugh
  • Drums: Larry Luttinger