Attention Spoken Word Aficionados!
We are converting Page to Stage,
our weekly poetry invitational at Sugar Magnolia, to a monthly format
and we’re going big!
A different well-known published poet will be featured at each new event.
All genres and styles of spoken word will still be encouraged,
with freestyle piano improv accompaniment.
Wednesday activities have been suspended until the first new event is planned.

The 2018-2019 Sugar Magnolia “Page to Stage” series is an open mike, “come one-come all” opportunity for all spoken word, slam poetry, poetry reading, and storytelling artists of all kinds, with the added dimension of freely improvised piano accompaniment. Just walk in with your work, sign up, and perform as you are called. Spoken word, “Moth Radio”-style storytelling, interactive slams, or just reading from the canon of famous poets through the ages, from Aeschylus to Zukofsky (especially for “Edgar Allan Poe Night” on Wednesday October 31st, the great Irish poets on March 13th and 20th , or any poet on or near their birth or death date) is encouraged. This series seeks to celebrate the word in all its forms of verbal expression, without judgement or restriction, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

There are very few restraints on your content, but they are important. No pre-recorded music beds can be accommodated; the idea here is to capitalize on the real-time reactions of an improvising keyboardist to this experience.  Be prepared to edit narrative storytelling for length; these are only two-hour events. Scatology is frowned upon – don’t lay down the f-word too much; remember women are not bitches and men are not dogs; judge your audience! Monologue crossing into hate speech or overtly evangelical territory is forbidden.

See you at Page to Stage!