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CNY Jazz Youth Programs Go Online



Larry Luttinger

441 E. Washington St.

Syracuse NY 13202


CNY Jazz youth programs go online

Syracuse NY – CNY Jazz won’t let the social isolation imposed by the current pandemic hold back their educational mission for the region’s youth. They are responding nimbly by moving their largest summer youth program to an online platform.

Young and aspiring musicians who want to learn the ins and outs of playing by ear will still have a chance to hone their skills by registering for the “SummerJazz Workshop Online”, to take place June 22nd through 25th. The activities will emulate the live workshop experience. Each day will consist of group coaching sessions, clinics, and private one-on-one sessions with the finest teaching artists in the area. The program’s finale concert and the “Jazz at the Fair” youth jazz festival will be replaced with live concerts at Jazz Central, on dates in the fall to be announced later.

Launched in 2001, the workshop has been serving the arts education community for 20 years. “Back then we couldn’t have predicted the success of this program, nor could we have imagined it becoming an online experience,” Larry Luttinger, the program’s creator, said. “Over the last two decades, we’ve taught 1,200 students, and placed over 500 in All-County jazz ensembles. That’s over two-thirds of all-county jazz instrumentalists each year. We’re not going to let sheltering in place stop us from pursuing our goals for these kids. They’ve lost nearly half a year of school rehearsal and performance experience, and they will need positive and fulfilling structured time while cooped up at home. Our interactive online course will be able to bring some of what they’ve lost back to them.”

The workshop experience has been adjusted in other ways as well. Tuition has been reduced by 60% and is now $150.00, which includes all activities, virtual and live, and their siblings may register for half tuition of $75.00. The age limit has been raised to 21, to accommodate college students. Individual lessons will replace afternoon rehearsals. “We want to make the workshop as accessible as possible for all who want to attend,” according to Luttinger. “We always time this to immediately follow the last day of public school. This year, that day will be different in some cases, so for any student who may still be finishing up schoolwork, we will make our private YouTube channel available to them. They can then attend the sessions at alternative times, and we’ll still schedule their private coaching sessions with them.”

Students will need their instrument, and a device: a computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a camera and microphone, and a speaker or headphones. All teaching materials and links to the practice audio tracks will be sent in advance. The program accepts students at all levels of ability; advanced students will receive additional material. Students may play any instrument, not only those usually found in a jazz ensemble. CNY Jazz will even help locate instruments for students who play school-owned instruments that will not be accessible due to closures.

Detailed information about the program is available at or by calling CNY Jazz at 315-479-5299.

If you attend:

What: SummerJazz Workshop Online

When: June 22-25, fall finale concerts TBA

Where: home schooling, live concerts at Jazz Central

Tuition: $150.00/$75.00 additional siblings

Registration: or call 315-479-JAZZ (5299)