Welcome to Jazz Central!

CNY’s Busiest Little Theater and Streaming Facility

Jazz Central houses the CNY Jazz offices and a 63- to 99-seat theater with box office and licensed lobby bar. A regional cultural hub, it hosts music, theater, comedy, film, dance, readings, lectures, meetings, and private events on an equitable ticket surcharge basis. It is also home to our organization’s professional and youth orchestras and small ensembles. A fully equipped performance and presentation space, it provides access to artists and groups without these resources who would otherwise incur added production expense.


In addition to offering you a fully-equipped performance space and wraparound marketing, Jazz Central now offers professional, multi-camera video recording and livestreaming and audio recording!  We’ve added 4K video recording and streaming to our menu of tech services to provide artists of all kinds with a venue to record audio-visually and livestream.


Our top priority is the safety of our audiences, artists, and staff at all times. We have installed a NASA-grade air filtration system, and our facility will be wiped down to sanitize before every performance. For all shows, we implement a mandatory vaccination/testing/mask policy for audiences and artists. All the details are HERE.


  • Jazz Central contains 63 permanent theater seats with optional fold-out lecture hall desk boards.
  • There is additional ringside cabaret table seating or concert seating for up to 12.
  • Total legal capacity of the theater is 99, including the artists and tech members.
  • The theater is at grade and is 100% handicap accessible.
  • Our newly renovated facility includes a dressing/green room and prep space for up to 16 performers
  • A non-refundable $105 per performance deposit is necessary. The $105 covers the $3.50 admission charge for the first 30 entries. For all non-ticketed events, fundraisers, meetings, etc. usage charges are negotiated. CNY Jazz also may take 20% of any merchandise sales.
  • A Front of House charge of $70 per performance is also due with all contracts.
  • You may lockout the facility for advance rehearsals at additional charge.
  • It is your responsibility to promote your event. We will help by posting your release at We will also send your press release to our list of several thousand e-mail addresses prior to your performance date, do a post on Instagram/Facebook, and post your event on our calendar and local online event calendars.
  • We generally do not offer box-office services. Provide us with a contact number for ticket sales and reservations or discuss your needs with us in advance. You must also provide your own ticket-taker and merchandise salesperson.
  • You may use our grand piano and house audio and lighting free of charge. Piano tuning is your responsibility. We can provide contact information for local tuners.
  • We have a sound and light board. You must provide sound and/or lighting technicians. In the event you do not have a technical person, we may assign a technician at an addition cost to you. Our microphones/stands, music stands, stools, folding tables, etc. are available on upon request at no additional cost. We must mutually agree on a qualified audio tech/company if you record your performance. Our video technicians will record your show at extra charge, re-synch to your audio, and do more post-production for you, like clip editing, titling, and captioning, at extra charge.
  • Although we strongly encourage both local and touring jazz musicians to use our facility, our facility is not a nightclub and does not provide fees to touring artists.