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Jazz Central offers streaming services to artists



Larry Luttinger

441 E. Washington St.

Syracuse NY 13202


Jazz Central offers streaming services to artists

Syracuse NY – Jazz Central is now Central New York’s newest virtual concert venue, capable of 4K multi-camera audiovisual production for artists in all genres who are now seeking virtual platforms to deliver their content. Shows and promotions of all kinds may be livestreamed or pre-recorded for later release at their newly renovated education facility in downtown Syracuse.

Audiences may not attend sessions, since theaters have not yet been allowed to open across New York State. “The upcoming months will be a survival challenge for musicians and performers of all kinds, and we are serious about doing all we can to help professional artists survive through this long winter,” according to Larry Luttinger, Executive Director of CNY Jazz. “We are also going to help by providing wraparound marketing and publicity for anyone broadcasting from our facility, including ticketing and link distribution. This is a brave new virtual world, and we need to help everyone find new online audiences and retain their core followers until restrictions are lifted, which will most probably not be until late spring or summer of 2021.”All current safety measures will be observed, including distancing on stage between clear plexiglass barriers, air filtration at MERV 11, and temperatures taken at entry.

Offerings will emphasize new and original content including singer-songwriters in all genres and performing artists in all disciplines, including drama, comedy, burlesque, improv, readings, cabaret, and student productions. “The arts help us gain an understanding of the world around us, especially in these chaotic times,” said Luttinger. “Local creators have important things to say, and the public needs to experience this emotionally. We’re here to provide a safe and effective way to provide this for the local performing arts community. Realistically, we’re looking at reopening as a live venue in late spring or summer of 2021, given what Broadway, Lincoln Center, and full-time theaters across the state are now announcing. We’re here for local artists for this long haul. We just hope that audiences understand this and will engage in this new virtual platform for the arts.”

CNY Jazz will also produce annual fundraisers for non-profits for whom streaming platforms are out of reach economically.

All services will be available for a low fee and artists will retain a majority of streaming income. For more information, contact or visit