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What a week to ENJOY!

What a week to ENJOY!

Spectacular out there, eh?
Time to get your stuff shipshape for the coming colder months – with some breaks to enjoy some jazz, and more, courtesy of CNY Jazz!

A lucky twist of fate gives y’all TWO chances to catch Nancy Kelly this week – Wednesday at the Cavalier Room in the downtown Marriott – boy, that series has been packing them in – and again on Sunday afternoon out in Skaneateles at Finger Lakes on Tap – what a weekend for a foliage tour and fun stop for food, drink, jazz, and a sampling from one (or more) of their over 60 taps. Great light menu, too.

PLEASE make plans to buy tix to our “Live at Jazz Central” premier opening production of Menotti’s The Medium at Jazz Central – the perfect spooky show leading up to Halloween – all sung in English – about a phony fortuneteller whose fake seances go SERIOUSLY wrong. Safe, and fun, for the whole family!

Lest you harbor reservations about safety, a summary of the extraordinary measures we’ve taken to keep you at ease and protected in our theater is RIGHT HERE! Our new NASA-grade air filtration system is only a part of it. Thank you, Unimar and IoT Right, for your expert work!

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